How is it possible for students to be completely sponsored?

Thanks to the generosity of our contributing partners,
Bringing The Globe has been designed to be economically accessible to all. Fully sponsoring our students enables the BTG motto of "providing exposure, access, and opportunities" to continue to be a reality.

Sponsorship Model:
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Contributing partners love BTG because their contributions show that they are willing to invest in leadership training recourses for our students.

Do You Want to Support Our Mission of Impacting 5,000 Teens by 2023?

Why is your contribution important?

Simply put, without our generous partners, Bringing The Globe would not be affordable to the vast majority of the BTG student community. Enrollment allows our students to gain insight from our speakers, network with other students around the globe, and participate in cultural exchange and leadership building opportunities. By donating to BTG you further our mission to provide Exposure, Access, and Opportunities through our curriculum to students who would not have them otherwise.

Your donations will be used to pay for:

  • Online Venue Costs
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Software Technology Requirements
  • Internship Stipends
  • Event Mobilization
  •    Curriculum Development
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Bringing the World to Florida

Through our flagship program Bringing the World to Florida, BTG's aim is to empower youth to embrace cultural exchange while equipping them with the skills they need to share their story and create change in their communities.

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