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Get a quick orientation on Bringing the Globe, watch this video by the Founder of BTG, Cairo Eubanks.
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Our program equips all teens with the skills they need to to be future leaders and create change in their own communities, because
Every Child Deserves the World.
Founding CEO
Top features

We will help you to unlock your inner potential so you can excel in any professional field!


  • Self-paced course Leverages evidence-based and scientific research valuation tools
  • Students gain transferable skills in advocacy, communication and passion development


  • Exclusive town-hall-style live and virtual workshops on course content
  • A space for students to find out about youth led events happening at the United Nations and other youth-focused organizations


  • Bulletin board with access to local/global community service
  • Experiential learning from in-person and virtual internship/externship opportunities and community service opportunities

Event Sponsorship & Opportunities

Join us in our effort to prevent online bullying and impact 500 teens!

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Our Cultural Exchange Initiative

In 2018, community leader Cairo Eubanks received a grant to live and teach in South India, where she created public speaking workshops for high school students. Subsequently, in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, she launched Bringing the Globe, which connects youth from around the world through its online student exchange platform. The virtual workshop-style program, allows students 13-18 years old worldwide to experience international cultural exchange.
Our staff

Meet our core team

Cairo Rose Eubanks

Founder and ceo
Speaker & Miss Black Florida 2022
The foundation of Bringing the World to Florida was inspired by the leadership programs Cairo created while a Grant Recipient in Tamil Nadu, South India. Cairo has spearheaded or initiated programming for local and international organizations, including the United Nations Department of Global Communications Civil Society Unit as a DGC Steering Committee Youth Representative for New Future Foundation. 

Umi Forsythe

With over 10 years of experience as an architecture and engineering professional in construction, Umi interprets and contextualizes structure for BTG's operational needs and helps streamline and rationalize the program outcomes. 

A Brief History of Bringing the Globe

We offer courses in data analysis, statistics, machine learning, and so much more.
We also have an award-winning team of experts who will teach you what you need to know.

January, 2018

Our CEO, Cairo Eubanks received a grant to teach and design public speaking workshops for students in Tamil Nadu, India. While in India, she created a curriculum for her students that promoted cultural exchange and storytelling. 

April, 2020

Cairo experienced online sexual harassment and realized that other people from her college were being harassed by the same individual. She launched Operation: STOP Cyber Harassment to be a community conference that provides resources and tools to parents and teens who are experiencing cyber harassment and bullying. 

November, 2021

After surveying 150 students, we filmed a 14-module online curriculum with four themes: Leadership, Cultural Exchange, Mental Health & Resilience, and Experiential Learning.

March, 2022

The team launched the 2nd annual Operation: STOP Cyber Harassment and turns the conference into a course to provide year-round access to resources. 
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